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The Environment's share of oil revenues
by Najib Saab
November 2005

Income from oil exports increased in the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia by 465 billion USD during the last three years. While additional revenues reached 50 billions in 2003, it skyrocketed to 126 billions in 2004 and exceeded 289 billions in 2005.
By Najib Saab
The Daily Star 31 August 2002

One-hundred heads of state will kick off the biggest international talkshow in history on Monday morning in Johannesburg. The official name of the show is World Summit on Sustainable Development.
WTO and Globalization: Will Protestors Go to Doha?
By Najib Saab
September 2001

As Qatar prepares to host the next ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization, the anti-globalization movement continues to expand, and has garnered so far hundreds of thousands of protestors who came from 100 countries to the Italian city of Genoa a few weeks ago to protest the Summit of 8, and had previously hindered the WTO meeting 2 years ago in Seattle, U.S.A.
Environment: Between the government and the public
By Najib Saab
July/August 2001

Recently I went over the results of a survey on Arab environmental trends. The results showed that more than 90% of those included in the survey demand more strict laws to preserve the environment, even if that meant imposing some restrictions. The results also indicated that more than 80% were prepared to take personal environmentally friendly actions to contribute towards protecting the environment such as using public transportation, switching to unleaded fuel and conserving water and electricity. 77% agreed to pay taxes that are allocated to protecting the environment. Lebanon's statistics were among the best in comparison to other Arab countries, a clear indication of the public's increasing environmental awareness.

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