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Arab environment institutions in coma
By Najib Saab
March 2001

Are Arabs doomed to be invariably absent from big global events? The Global Ministerial Environment Forum recently held in Nairobi was yet another chance that Arabs missed in order to catch up with the environmental challenges of the new millennium.
Depleted uranium: are UN agencies accomplices to NATO?
By Najib Saab
February 2001

The United Nations organization has always been exploited by superpowers as cover-up for political schemes. While this obvious statement is not news, we have been witnessing another form of abuse, using certain United Nations specialized agencies as accomplices to environmental extermination. A few weeks ago, NATO's Secretary General Sir George Robertson announced that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) have both confirmed that there was no proven connection between leukemia and depleted uranium (DU), thus the shells used by NATO in Bosnia in 1995 and in Kosovo in 1999, and earlier in Iraq, were not particularly hazardous and did not represent an actual health threat.
US contempt for international agreements is proving to be an environmental hazard
By Najib Saab
January 2001

"Oppressive Superpower is a term that became popular in the 20th century to describe nations that utilize military superiority to impose their political will over weaker peoples. Arabs have been familiar with this terminology ever since the United States' blind support for Israel has had a tragic effect on Palestinian national rights. Throughout history, numerous peoples were crushed by legions of oppressors, whose intoxication by power led them to audacity, aggression and disregard of the basic human rights of others.
Who will turn Hariri's environmental pledge into action?
By Najib Saab
December 2000

The heated debate around the political and economic aspects of the Lebanese Government's policy statement, delivered by Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, disregarded the environmental section, which we thought was the most interesting in this policy. It is for the first time in Lebanon that the cabinet's policy includes definitive environmental guiding principles, going beyond slogans and fancy rhetoric. In this policy statement we see a clear perception of what the government promises to accomplish at the environmental level, beginning by calling for an environmental state of emergency, setting priorities, establishing a national agency for environmental research and implementing a system of incentives versus taxation, which effectively supports clean production while punishing polluters.

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