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A 21st century ministry of environment
By Najib Saab
September-October 1998

The implementation of the national reconstruction plan in Lebanon has kept the government's attention focused on economic, and to a less degree social development. This was a necessary path to provide basic infrastructure, end the state of war, secure the foundations of peace, achieve stability and rehabilitate public institutions.
Development as public relations
By Najib Saab
July-august 1998

After the theme of children and women as marketing tools for international aid was exploited and exhausted over the last decade, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have recently become an inherent part of any project proposal for development assistance. The magic word among aid agencies now is NGO. While the term NGO might mean any group outside government institutions, be it a professional association, public society, club, research centre, university or private company, it commonly refers to voluntary groups.
Sharing abundance, not poverty
By Najib Saab
May-June 1998

Resolutions of some international conferences and meetings on environment and development, are almost an invitation for poor countries to perish of thirst, starvation and disease. They call for reducing water consumption and imposing high taxation on water, in countries where millions of people lack clean water supplies and where the annual water consumption per person is less than the weekly consumption of a citizen in an industrialized country. They call for restrictions on agriculture and food production operation, to save bio-diversity and soil quality, in countries where the population suffers malnutrition.
Conversation versus conservation
By Najib Saab
March-April 1998

One of the special characteristics of the Third World, to which we belong, is that politics and macro-economic policies constitute the major portion of the daily public talk. Politics are an inherent part of the conversation of people at all levels, who would analyse problems and suggest ultimate solutions. Everyone is certain to have the best answer to any problem. Heated economic and political discussions are heard in restaurants, television talk shows, taxis and streets. A participant in those polemics would talk as if he is an expert almost in all domains, from foreign policy to industry and commerce.

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