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Conversation versus conservation
By Najib Saab
March-April 1998

One of the special characteristics of the Third World, to which we belong, is that politics and macro-economic policies constitute the major portion of the daily public talk. Politics are an inherent part of the conversation of people at all levels, who would analyse problems and suggest ultimate solutions. Everyone is certain to have the best answer to any problem. Heated economic and political discussions are heard in restaurants, television talk shows, taxis and streets. A participant in those polemics would talk as if he is an expert almost in all domains, from foreign policy to industry and commerce.
Climate change: who pays the price?

By Najib Saab
January/February 1998

By Najib Saab
January/February 1998

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has finally adopted a firm stance regarding its participation in international measures to tackle the issue of climate change. For the first time, the organization declared, during the Climate Summit in Kyoto last month, a courageous stand to protect the rights of oil exporting countries, the majority of which are developing non-industrialized nations, and safeguards the interests of poor countries. OPEC statements were very well structured not to show the the organization is abandoning its commitment to international environmental action.
Crisis of International Environment and Development Programmes: Shortage of Resources or Lack of Resolve and Imagination
By Najib Saab
November-December 1997

Shortage of resources has become the typical explanation given by international development programmes to justify their failure to achieve tangible results. The fact is that accepting this explanation would neither help to attract resources, nor contribute to the implementation of successful programmes. International agencies often disregard other inherent causes of failure such as lack of resolve and poor management, let alone creative imagination. The problem multiplies when those programmes get reduced to implementation tools of selective short-term plans, which remain limited to press conferences.

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