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By Najib Saab
February 2000

The Ministry of Rural and Municipal affairs did well last month when it stopped an ill-conceived project sponsored by the World Bank, to assist the government in managing Lebanon's solid waste. By the time the project was halted, most of the $2 million budget had been spent, only to contribute to the national state of chaos and confusion over waste management.
The endangered planet
By Najib Saab
January 2000

The world has never witnessed an era like ours in which hope and despair are in equal measure. Modern science promises to unveil many hidden secrets of the universe, strengthen man's control over natural resources, promote health and revolutionize communications. The danger, however, is that such developments could lack spirit and commitment. In this case, technological expansion will be superficial and will come at the expense of the basics of life. Power over resources will lead to endless depletion, so that we lose the basis of life.
Arab Environmentalists! Unite!
By Najib Saab
November-December 1999

Before you finish reading this page, the lungs of 160 million Arabs would have been filled with ten billion liters of polluted air, deserts would have expanded few hundreds of meters and 75 million Arabs would have drunk polluted water. While the population of the Arab countries will exceed 340 million at the beginning of the 21st century, Arab environment continues to deteriorate steadily and unchecked. The fact is that 160 million Arabs live in air-polluted cities, 75 millions have no access to clean drinking water, and drought is spreading to cover the last five percent of Arab green lands, while desert constitutes more than 95 percent of the total area. Before the sun sets today, the size of waste mountains in the Arab region will increase by more than 76,000 tons, as we produce some 30 million tons of wastes annually.
"Save the waves" pollute the seas!
By Najib Saab
September-October 1999

"Save the Waves" reads the slogan on buttons displayed by the crew and hostesses working on the cruise ships of a multinational tourism company. Over the years, the ships of this company carried tourists around the Caribbean islands under the slogan "Save the Waves".

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