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A green platform for Lebanese elections
By Najib Saab
June 2000

Are we overstepping realistic boundaries by endorsing an environmental platform, in a country where elections are rarely accompanied by any program whatsoever, be it on politics, sociology, economy, education, or basic human rights, let alone environment?
Paranoia won't save the environment
By Najib Saab
May 2000

There is a general tendency to always blame others for environmental deterioration. So the public accuses neighbors, industrialists, farmers, politicians and even other countries. This attitude is no more restricted to the public, as it also characterizes the behavior of many environmental groups. But when environmentalists lay the blame solely on other people and external factors, they relinquish their primary responsibility to find solutions and devise realistic and applicable environmental policies to be promoted among decision makers and the general public.
Arab environment: the public has spoken, now the governments should listen!
By Najib Saab
April 2000

The principal conclusion emerging from the data analysis of the first environmental Arab public opinion survey, released last week by Environment & Development magazine, is that the public concurs that the environmental situation is getting worse and demands that steps be taken to improve it. People also agree that governments are basically to blame for the environmental deterioration and are in turn responsible for repair. Most striking was that respondents indicated their willingness to pay higher taxes if these are allocated to protect the environment. They overwhelmingly showed acceptance to take personal environmentally-friendly action, by changing their life styles and consumption habits.
Compromises make environmental policies
By Najib Saab
March 2000

"There is no middle ground in environmental issues", said a very enthusiastic friend, in objection to a number of Arab and international initiatives that he considered to be much less than the ultimate aspirations of environmentalists. He went on describing some politicians and environmental officials as mercenaries and traitors, for accepting compromises in environmental policies and treaties. I had to remind the friend that resonant environmental slogans are meaningless, unless coupled with a realistic action plan. The time is long past when general talk about the environment, to generate applause and excitement, was considered a heroic deed and a fight for the public good. And so is gone the time of demagogic slogans that have pushed politics, economy, and intellect in our societies, into a state of decay. So let us not repeat that bitter experience with respect to environmental issues.

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