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Development and environment: Who is responsible?
Najib Saab
July-August 2017

The League of Arab States (LAS) did well when it recently established a special unit for Sustainable Development. Until that time, sustainable development was within the responsibilities of the Environment Unit, which also manages the secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment (CAMRE).
Amman cars cleaner, by the power of law
Najib Saab
June 2017

Awareness and ethics are essential to environmental protection, but they are not enough in the absence of policies, laws and regulations that provide incentives and impose sanctions. Some environmental groups werent too happy when we wrote that what protects the environment are string laws not garbage collectors. That was a comment on the campaigns undertaken by some NGOs to clean beaches and roads, only for the garbage to return the next day. We concluded that actually it is more effective to impose a penalty and apply it to anyone who dumps dirt on a street, forest, or beach.
Environment Field for All, Not Pretenders
Najib Saab
May-June 2015

The worst thing that may afflict the environment is when it becomes a subject for personal conflicts and a scene for scrambling for prestige. If scrambling for achievements is understandable and acceptable, scrambling for titles and posts is a dangerous game where the core of the issue is lost under superficial polemics.
The sun is here to stay
Najib Saab
March-April 2015

In his inaugural speech at the last World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Sultan Al-Jaber, UAE Minister of State and chairman of Masdar, said: "Renewable energy is a critical component for building a sustainable future and has today changed from an expensive alternative to a competitive technology of choice

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