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Arabs do not read
Najib Saab
October 2013

Edgar Choueiri, Princeton University plasma physicist, questioned how the Arabs could become full and equal partners with those who shape the world's economy, security and future, if they remain just consumers of science and technology rather than producers.
Silent Death
Najib Saab
September 2013

As hundreds of tons of radioactive water were leaking from the wrecked Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant hit by the tsunami in 2011, thousands of people were being killed by chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus.
Solar Impulse: Shift Gear, Drop Weight, Change Altitude
Najib Saab
July 2013

Ten weeks after its departure from San Francisco, on the West Coast of the United States, Solar Impulse landed in New York on the East Coast.
The nuclear power option in Arab countries
Najib Saab
May 2013

The earthquake that struck the Iranian Bushehr province in April 2013 reminded us of the nuclear reactor at Bushehr, and raised concerns about possible radioactive leakages. Such fears were to be expected, just two years after the nuclear disaster caused by the tsunami in Fukushima.

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