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Changing Eating Habits Helps Food Security
Najib Saab
November-December 2014

Arabs import half of what they need in terms of basic foodstuffs. Agricultural production in the Arab countries faces tremendous challenges - mainly drought, limited arable land, scarce water resources and accelerated population growth, all amid the adverse impact of climate change.
Wars for Heaven Destroy Earth
Najib Saab
September-October 2014

Reports of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) have repeatedly warned that demand on resources and nature services by Arab countries is double what the regions natural systems can provide.
Thirsty Energy or Hungry Water?
Najib Saab
May-June 2014

The World Bank chose "Thirsty Energy" as title for its report on the energy-water nexus. If we were to produce such a report for the Arab region, the title could better be "Hungry Water"- as production of water eats the bulk of Arab energy.
How can we make oil energy for the future?
Najib Saab
March-April 2014

Sustainability Week, which was hosted in Abu Dhabi, opened doors for the future. Discussions at the annual assembly of the International Agency for Renewable Energy (IRENA), the World Future Energy Summit

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